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Nitmoi Products, LLC

Handy Hooky - Premium Car Headrest Hooks, color: Mixed Packs (1 Black & 2 Hot Pink)

$ 29.99

Nitmoi Products, LLC

Handy Hooky - Premium Car Headrest Hooks, color: Mixed Packs (1 Black & 2 Hot Pink)

$ 29.99

Product Description:

The solution to your car’s organizational problems is finally here.  The Handy Hooky delivers a simple, sturdy, and innovative way to get the clutter in your car under control.

The Handy Hooky is a premium grade plastic hook that fits around your headrest’s bar.  Easily reach items in the backseat and keep items out of the way while driving.

The Handy Hooky is perfect for purses, water bottles, dry cleaning, hangers, diaper bags, and shopping bags.  Keep your items off the seats, secure, and accessible while in transit. This versatile hook has unlimited possibilities.

The Handy Hooky is so easily installed and removed you can use them in any car you travel in!

Product Features:

  • Constructed of sturdy premium grade plastic.– Won’t scruff, tear, or damage seats.  Made in the USA and can hold up to 25 pounds.  Fits most make or model vehicles with headrest extension bars.  
  • Get your car organized. – Are you the person who can’t remember what the floor of their car looks like? Use Handy Hookys to hang bags, water bottles, and trash receptacles to keep the car organized and clean.
  • Stop spilling your purse!– Throwing your bag on the passenger seat or floor leads to spills and items getting lost; hang your purse to keep it closed and secure!
  • Put an end to blocked windows.– Picking up dry cleaning and planning on hanging it over one of your rear windows? Stop limiting your visibility and putting yourself at risk – Handy Hookys hold hangers wonderfully and keep them out of the windows.
  • Keep shopping trips organized. – Use Handy Hookys on your rear seats to keep shopping bags off the seats and floor. Hanging the bags also keeps items from rolling out.
  • Entertain your kids!– Hang your tablet from the hooks with a video on to keep your child entertained while you focus on driving.
  • Stop bending over in the back seat of your car.– Bad back? Short dress?  Eliminate your need to bend over to retrieve items; the Handy Hookys keep your belongings at an arm’s reach.
  • Keep the trunk of your SUV or hatchback organized!– Use the Handy Hookys on the back of the backseats for easy trunk organization and storage.
  • Use up to 10 Handy Hookys in one car!– Most cars have 5 headrests, imagine the organizational possibilities!
  • Use them in your Uber, Lyft, or Taxi!– Always forgetting your belongings in the backseats of other vehicles? Hang them right in front of you with a Handy Hooky so you won’t forget them!
  • Available in two colors!- Pink and black

Order Notes:

  • Order contains three packs for a total of 6 hooks.  Color: 2 Black Hooks and 4 Hot Pink Hooks
  • FREE USPS First Class shipping on all orders. Arrives in 1-3 days.
  • 60 Day "No Questions Asked" 100% Money Back Guarantee.
  • Express checkout.  No account registration required.


**Regularly priced at $29.99 for two packs.  4th of July Holiday Limited Time Offer for extra pack ends Tuesday, July 4th, 2017! 

Customer Reviews

Based on 53 reviews
Delvina D. Delvina
Super quick

These got here super quick. Like one day. But I think that's because this company is in CT, like me. Anyway, yes, very useful. I've got them all over the car. You actually end up using them all. It's so funny, I never would have thought that.

Carmela, Staten Island C.S.I. Carmela, Staten I.
good for purse. haven't used for anything else

I only use mine for my purse. I haven't used them for groceries, but I guess you can. It holds my purse from flying all over the car. That used to drive me crazy. These are super strong by the way. Ain't nobody breaking these. They can probably hold more than advertised, but I guess 25 pounds is fine. God help me if my purse is heavier than 25 lbs, right?!?! :-)

Robert Kline, N.M. R.K.N. Robert Kline, N.
Pretty neat

Pretty neat. I use mime for sport water bottles. My daughters use theirs for their purses. I'd buy more as gifts.

Fitch F. Fitch
Very good

Very good. Can't complain.

Butchy, Fort Myers, FL B.F.M.F. Butchy, Fort Myers, F.
great invention

This is a great invention. I use mine for my purse...just kidding! I actually use mine for my gym bag. With leather seats, my gym bag slides all over the back seat. So with this hook, it stays put. It's so damn simple, but effective.